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Advanced building system

PAYKAR BONYAN PANEL is the largest manufacturer in the field of structural panels with the new RICF M2 panel technology from Italy in Iran. The management ( Mr. Mahmoodi) has the honor of being of the top national official business entrepreneur, industrialist and exporter in Iran.

The first phase production capacity of the factory which is located in the industrial city of Parand in south of Tehran is about 7,500 square meters with the implementation of application for 10,000 residential units with 75 square meters based area.

Product’s quality and conformity assured by the standards and technical regulations which prevailing in the country. In addition to that sufficient information, engineering services and technical support to the customers has enable us to become a unique in this field.

Also the company offers consulting technical services in the fields of designing and civil engineering calculation for optimizing construction models in order to minimizing the project costs to be economically viable.

By using some of the best equipped laboratory in Iran we enhanced the production quality and our research and development division is becoming the core competency to have innovated products to suit all projects.

Paykar Bonyan Panel Products


PB PANEL Company is a sister company of Paykar Bonyan group which concentrates on new technologies for the building industry.

First phase of our factory is few kilometers south of Tehran and manufactures new types of products which are used in semi prefabricated mass buildings & big construction projects.

These exclusive products are called R.I.C.F. which is the abbreviation for reinforced insulated concrete formworks.
Originally this technology came from Emmedue Company in Italy and is used in constructions by concrete load bearing walls of up to 15 stories in seismic zones without the need of form working & reinforcing as necessary in normal & traditional methods. For low rise buildings of up to 4 stories, the local regulations allow the use of our single panels with shot Crete as a bearing wall. The range of our other products include floor, ceiling, stair and landing panels, low weight partition & curtain walls.

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Resistant to any climate
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economic efficiency
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Insulation against moisture