Technical Department

General information:

  • This system is more economical, rapid, tightly integrated than brick, lightweight concrete

blocks , prefabricated plaster panels and dry wall.

  • Moisture resistant compare to indestructible hand methods.
  • Impact-proof and bullet-proof
  • Sound insulation
  • Isolation without using concrete moisture sealing
  • No need to run a layer of gypsum plaster with spray
  • No need to run pop-up windows and doorways of the running shoe
  • No need for studs (Runner) for independent movement of structures during earthquakes
  • Possibility of installation of various features as a heavy mortar (more) sticky, pre-fabricated and dry wall surfaces by performing a variety of traditional and modern finishers.
  • High strength and high capability for mounting screws , nails , dowels and hanging heavy

objects such as mirrors and stone facade , flash tanks , cabinets , shelves and panels

(optionally reinforced with a Wall post, Sub frame).

  • Vice-Presidency for Strategic Planning and Supervision

MAnufactures and Technologists of Industrialized Building Associatoin

In Comparison to standard system:

  • Ideal insulation for heat, sound and moisture without transferring residents to feel the

vibration and shock in compare to conventional systems and standard precast stone.

  • Ensure the integrity of the walls, floors and ceiling connectivity and lack of

participation as a result of the devastating earthquake compared to the infill brick

walls, pottery, block and precast.

  • The possible advantages of implementing a variety of joinery and all internal and

external surfaces.

  • Lack of heat and sweating over bearing wall systems, concrete and the like. (The

concrete walls are highly transfer heat and plays the role of the conductor which will

leading to a destruction of the finishers)

  • Strong insulating layer and multilayer pipes under floor heating systems.
  • Insulation of external walls of existing buildings

Specifications and product strengths of pbpanel:

  • Wire Material:

The mesh and connectors in all products are galvanized wire which field basis using a panel of

40 microns and yielding stress ( fy>6000 kg/cm2) due to the strict compliance standards such as

the National Building Regulations and Iranian Concrete Regulations (ABA).

  • Compaction Polystyrene:

Standard density foam produced by this company is 15 Kg/M3 which can be increased to 30

Kg/M3. The standard density increase the quality of finished product. Our products enjoy

National compulsory standards 7143 and 11108.

  • Laps of the mesh:

All the products have the over laps at their edges which connect two adjacent panels and no

need thick bars.

Using pneumatic press package, no need to connect two panels (with rebar) and enhance the

quality, and economically will be a time consuming process.

  • Custom products:

In order to decrease the waste of product in the projects we produced based on the customer

project needs. The length of all of products can be produced exactly as it ordered.